Before starting up the job, key personnel should meet to discuss accident prevention, study job layouts, determine plans and schedules, also emphasize requirements and elaborate procedures. Thorough inspection of job site and adjoining properties shall be done and a brief supplemental safety programme will be developed and distributed to supervisory personnel assigned to jobsite.
Weekly safety meetings for supervisory personnel to review accidents that occurred during the previous week, take not of safety deficiencies and establish measures. Job hazards, contemplated control, protective equipment and personnel training should be covered.
A ten minutes tool box meeting shall be held once a week under the direction of foreman and assisted by a safety personnel. Accidents and near-accidents should be discussed and present action to prevent recurrence. Foreman will explain the safe way of performing job. From time to time superintendents and other key personnel shall also attend these meetings on rotation basis Records will be kept spelling out the meeting dates, who conducts the meeting and summary of discussion which will be forwarded to project Engineer.